Collings CJ-35 SB

Collings CJ-35 SB

Sitka Spruce & Mahogany
1-3/4" Nut • 24-7/8" Scale

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CJ (Collings Jumbo) Body Size

The Collings Jumbo, or CJ, is Collings' version of the classic slope-shouldered dreadnought, a shape that has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years.

While the CJ is similar in width and depth to the traditional dreadnought, it has a distinctly different tone. The lower bout is 3/8" wider than a standard dreadnought, and the top-to-bottom length is 1/8" greater.

These slightly larger dimensions produce a tone that tends to be subtly more bass-heavy than a dread without sacrificng clarity, response, or playing comfort.

Body Length 20-1/8"
Body Depth 4-7/8"
Lower Bout Width 16"
Total Length 41"

Sitka Spruce Top

Sitka is an excellent all-purpose wood that performs well in nearly any situation. Its blend of strength, stiffness, and density produce a well rounded tone with ample warmth and complexity. 

Sitka's large dynamic range means it maintains most of its tonal qualities at any volume level. Whether you're swatting out a bluegrass rhythm or playing an intricate fingerstyle piece, Sitka will respond with its signature crispness, clarity, and depth.

Mahogany Back & Sides

Mahogany is known for its prominent mid-range and woody tonal qualities. It's a great all-around option for any player, but its direct, punchy voice makes it especially popular for styles requiring lots of projection and clarity. 

Vintage Now Neck

Collings Vintage Now neck

The Vintage Now profile is similar to Collings' standard Modified V, but it's a bit fuller throughout. It has more of a C shape towards the lower frets and transitions into a soft V as you move up the neck towards the body.

While the Vintage Now is slightly chunkier than the Modified V, it doesn't feel as large as Collings' Vintage or Traditional neck profiles.

Vintage Now necks have a 1-3/4" nut width and a string spacing of 2-5/16" at the saddle. This is 1/8" wider than what you'll find on the standard Modified V necks, which mostly have a 2-3/16" spacing.

The neck depth (including fingerboard) is typically .845" at the 1st fret and .960" at the 9th fret.

Short Scale

A Collings short scale is 24-7/8", which is 5/8" shorter than their standard 25-1/2" scale.

This results in slightly lower string tension, which can make the strings on a short scale guitar feel a bit "stretchier" and easier to play.

Tonally, short scale guitars can be a bit warmer and fuller sounding but may have a little less projection than an equivilant full scale instrument.

A short scale is only 2.5% shorter than a standard scale, so any differences in tone or playability will be subtle.

Adirondack Braces

This guitar has Adirondack braces instead of the standard Sitka spruce braces found on most Collings guitars. Adirondack is a bit stiffer and harder than Sitka, giving it a subtly quicker and clearer response.

Adirondack bracing also provide a bit of extra "headroom," allowing the guitar to retain clarity and crispness during agressive playing.

When it comes to bracing, we feel the difference between Adirondack and Sitka is minimal. Adirondack braces will flavor the tone slightly, their tonal impact is minor when weighed against body size, tonewoods, and build quality.

Body SizeCJ (Collings Jumbo)
Top WoodSitka Spruce
Back & SidesMahogany
FingerboardWenge (African Rosewood)
Nut Width1-3/4"
Scale Length24-7/8"
String Spacing2-5/16"
Neck ProfileVintage Now
StringsD'Addario Medium EJ17 (13 - 56)
CaseCollings TKL Deluxe Geib-Style Case
Top Sitka spruce
Back & Sides Honduran mahogany
Neck Honduran mahogany
Body Binding Ivoroid with no purfling
Fingerboard Binding None
Peghead Binding None
Bridge Wenge straight-style with 2-5/16" spacing
Fingerboard Wenge with MOP long dots
Bridge Pins/End Pin Ivoroid with no dot
Nut Bone, 1-3/4"
Saddle Bone, Cutthrough
Neck Profile Vintage Now
Peghead Profile Haircut
Neck Joint Mortise & tenon hybrid
Truss Rod Fully adjustable
Frets Medium 18% nickel-silver
Peghead Veneer Ebony with Ivoroid Collings Logo
Tuners Nickel Waverly w/ Ivoroid buttons (16:1 ratio)
Backstrip 1-style (Walnut)
Rosette Simple ivoroid with b/w purfling
Scale Length 24-7/8"
Brace Material Adirondack spruce w/ abbreviated tongue brace
Brace Pattern Pre-war scalloped X-brace (3 tone bars)
Fingerboard Radius 14" - 26" compound
Body Finish High gloss nitrocellulose lacquer
Top Finish Style Sunburst540
Pickguard Tigerstripe
Strings D'Addario EJ17 (.013"- .056")
Case Deluxe Hardshell case by TKL
CJ-35 Base Price $4,455
Sunburst Top Finish $540
TKL Case Discount * -$270
Total $4,725

* Certain Collings guitars and mandolins built in 2017 will include the new Collings-made Traditional case. Models that shipped with a TKL case (like this guitar) are priced with a $270 discount.

Founded by Bill Collings in 1973, Collings Guitars has grown to become one of the most respected names in acoustic music.

Tejon Street Music is proud to be one of the largest Collings dealers on the Front Range and a top 10 dealer in 2016.


There are few builders who can match Collings when it comes to fit and finish.

Their instruments have clean, sharp lines and mirror-like finishes. Even small details like the meticulously polished saddle and the crisp inlay work demonstrate Collings' uncompromising devotion to quality.

This fanatical attention to detail results in instruments that look as beautiful they sound.

Wood Selection

Every Collings acoustic guitar, from their most affordable model to the highest end, are built with the finest tonewoods available. Each wood is acquired, acclimated, and hand-picked by Collings' master luthiers who choose each component with the whole tonality of the end instrument in mind.

Hand-Voiced Top

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Collings hand-voices each acoustic guitar top by sanding and carving it to the optimal thickness. This means that the character of the wood is shaped by a human ear and not an arbitrary number on a drum sander.


While tone is a subjective topic, we feel Collings instruments tend to have a complex, focused voice with excellent clarity and single note definition. 

They're extremely responsive, so you don't need to work very hard to produce great tone. That said, when you dig in you'll find that Collings guitars are some of the loudest, most powerful acoustic instruments around.

Every instrument naturally has its own unique personality depending on body size and tonewoods, but Collings' meticulous voicing and exacting construction techniques ensure that each guitar sounds as good as it possibly can.


Collings guitars and mandolins play exceptionally well right out of the box thanks to a combination of PLEK machine fret leveling and the skilled work of a Collings setup tech. 

Most players love the factory setup, but we're always happy to set up your new instrument to your exact preferences. The precision engineering of a Collings product means that we can work at tighter tolerances and make your guitar play EXACTLY the way you want.


One aspect of a Collings instrument that is difficult to capture in photos is the flat, glassy quality of their finish. It really has to be seen to be appreciated!

Collings' standard nitrocellulose lacquer finishes measure between .005" and .007" in thickness, maximizing acoustical response while providing excellent protection and aesthetics.


With the exception of certain hardware items, Collings makes nearly all components in house. Even simple parts like bridge pins and pickguards are fabricated in the Colling shop.

Collings also takes advantage of the latest technology in CNC and laser cutting to eliminate variance and ensure that each instrument meets Bill's incredibly high standards

This tight control over every facet of production means that Collings instruments are incredibly consistent in terms of build quality, playability, and tone.

Small Production

The big guys are making amazing instruments, but Collings' lower production levels mean that each guitar or mandolin gets a level of personal care and attention that's just not possible on a large production scale.

A few numbers to put things in perspective: Over the last several years, Collings produced around about 1,500 flat top guitars a year, or roughly four a day. The major US-based brands build 400 to 500 guitars a day.


Collings instruments have a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

In the 10+ years we've been a Collings dealers we can count the number of warranty issues we've had on one hand, but it's nice to know the protection is there if you need.

View the full Collings warranty.