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Collings D1 A VN – Adirondack Top & Braces (#26603)

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Collings D1 dreadnought acoustic guitar with Adirondack top and braces. This is a big, powerful guitar with lots of projection.

1-3/4″ nut. 25-1/2″ scale.

Ebony fingerboard and bridge.

This guitar has Collings’ Vintage Now neck and bridge. Here’s how Collings describes it:

…slightly wider spacing at the saddle (2 5/16″) with 1 3/4″ at the nut. This neck is slightly larger than our standard (non-vintage) profile, but is not quite as large as some of the chunkiest vintage Martin necks. This neck has more of a vintage feel, but is more palatable than our standard Vintage neck (see below) to a lot of players. The neck shape is slightly rounder (less V) in the lower position and moves towards a modified V shape as you go up the neck. The neck depth (including the fingerboard) is typically .845″ at the 1st fret and .960″ at the 9th fret. The fingerboard width measures 2.195″ at the 12th fret.

Includes deluxe TKL hardshell case.

Pricing Breakdown

  • D1 Base Price: $3915 ($4350 list)
  • Adirondack Spruce Top: $900 ($1000 list)
  • Adirondack Braces: $90 ($100 list)
  • 1-3/4″ Nut: $67 ($75 list)
  • Vintage Now Neck & Bridge: $90 ($100 list)
  • Non-Collings Case Discount*: -$270 (-$300 list)

*Collings guitars built in 2017 will include the new Collings-built case. Items shipped with a TKL case (like this guitar) are priced with a $270 discount.

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